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What Did the North Do?

CSCS compartilhou a foto de Ertefa .I have been learning about World War One and I decided that we did not learn enough about what the Canadians did to contribute during the war. I know that the United States and the United Kingdom did a lot to work together to try to defeat the axis but what did Canada do? I decided that I would go online and learn about what they did to help the allies. I heard that book cscs was a great place to learn about how the axis worked with different countries to defeat their enemies. My school teacher was a big help in showing me where to get the information that I was looking for. I was not sure about where the online web sites came from, but hey were a big help. The biggest help was having my teacher post the links to the web sites that were going to be able to help us with the reports.

I love to write and do a lot of reading but the topic has to be interesting to me so that I can push through it.

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September 19, 2013 at 12:31 am
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