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We Are Looking at a Little House

We found a nice little place in a cozy little neighborhood, not far from the Xavier University campus. It is really small, but there are only the two of us. It has all natural gas appliances and if you click here you will see that we have found a web page where you can figure out where you can get gas from the utility companies in your area. Of course the location is what we really care the most about, especially we like the fact that you can walk to just about any place that you want to go from here. There is a grocery store about two and a half blocks away from the place. It is not really so easy for you to find a place where you can walk to just about any place that you need to go. There are pizza places, cafes and bars. It was not so difficult for us to find this place, but of course it used to belong to a cousin’s mother in law.

We are trying to figure out if we can afford it right now, but that is the same thing as trying to figure out if we can afford any place really. There just is not much that could cost much less out on the market. This is about the perfect place for a first time house buyer. You just can not find a place which is going to be much smaller and that would cost you less. The one problem with it is that it needs to have a good deal of work done to it, but that represents an opportunity in fact. There is not any work that I could not do myself, in theory. So if I take my time and fix it up, that makes it worth more.

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September 21, 2016 at 12:31 pm
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