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Trying Acupuncture Before Submitting to Surgery

I have a friend who had a dangerous job. He had to train all of the time. When he was not actually out in the field, he was training. He is a very tough guy too. He would just as soon let you break a bone of his than to relent in training scenarios. Then he got a spine injury that left him hardly able to take the pain to stand. I do not know how many surgeries he had, but they did not work. When I hurt my upper back, I decided on trying a Chicago acupuncture expert instead of opting for surgery as my first option.

Sure, they said they could poke around in there and see if they could fix me. There were no guarantees, though. And when I read the medical waivers, I learned that the odds of success were not all that high. Here is how it is: a regular doctor is likely going to tell you to try medications for relief. If a surgeon can find something to cut, he will recommend having surgery. A physical therapist will recommend some exercises to help with the pain. A chiropractor will recommend various manipulations. Any or all of those things are appropriate depending on the situation, but none were the best options for me.

I wanted to try ancient Chinese acupuncture from a local Chicago acupuncture specialist. I figured it should be the first option rather than a try-it-later kind of thing. There is no going back from surgery. I got a recommendation for it, but I weighed my options based on odds of outcome. Now if I had no other choice, then I might go that route. However, I had options including acupuncture to try first. I could always go the surgery route later on if I did not get relief from much less invasive therapies.

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April 5, 2017 at 4:30 pm
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