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She Uses Quickbooks in Her Business Now

My sister is one of the most creative people I know. She can paint, sew, crochet and so many other things, and she ended up opening up her own small business to start selling the things she was creating. She has such a talent for the creative mediums like that, but she does not have the math mind to help her with her own business. That is why I suggested that she use Quickbooks, because it would be a lot easier for her. I even gave her a Quickbooks customer service number that she would be able to call if she needed any help and I was not around to give it to her.

I purchased the software for her as a gift, and then I set it up for her. I showed her how to do different things on it, and she was impressed as well as very relieved that she would not need to handle most of the accounting on her own. I knew she would like just punching in numbers and having the right figures come out on the other end. This is true not only for her personal and business bank accounts but also for the customer invoicing.

One part that she was not counting on was using this for her taxes too. She did end up calling the number I gave her to get some help on some tax questions that she had, and they were able to help her right away. They also told her a few things about the software program that I didn’t even know, since I use mine for a different kind of business. She has really grown so much since she started her own business, and using things like Quickbooks just means that she can focus on what is really important in her line of work!

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December 20, 2017 at 1:30 pm
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