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Senior Care Companions Take Care of My Mom and Dad

Mom and dad were getting up there in years, but they both had so much life in them left to live. There was no way they were going to settle for a retirement village or going into assisted care or a nursing home. They wanted to still go out to see museums, art galleries and plays. They were just doing it all at a slower pace than what they used to. They both wanted assistance from someone who could be on their schedule, so elder care in long island was the best option.

Even on our days off mom and dad both told me they had little patience for the way I do things. Yes, they are set in their ways. Being so close to them and loving them as mom and dad made it so I was actually not the best person to be helping them out with some things. I live life at a fast pace. It is faster than they were in their prime. They are old school and take a different approach. Whereas they have always wanted to smell all the flowers, I take in the fragrance overall. The elder care companions adjust their pace to suit mom and dad a whole lot better than I do.

I like knowing that a younger person is out with them helping them at the grocery store, the local deli and the pharmacy. I like it that someone drives them to the museums and plays and is actually there with them in case they need something. Having someone just remind you to take your medicine when you are forgetful about it is a big help. These senior companions also help with cooking and cleaning too. Mom and dad like to go out every single evening. There is always an event they are attending or a restaurant they are trying. Having a senior care companion go with them gives me peace of mind.

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September 6, 2015 at 12:30 pm
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