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Freshness is Critical to Our Product’s Taste So Our Packaging Method Helps Us

We found a way to roast the peanuts we have been growing as a tertiary crop on our land making them absolutely delicious. Instead of just a salty flavor, our peanuts have a truly savory flavor. Right now we are just offering them in the shell. We cannot keep up with demand from our regional retail outlets and distributors. We had to get a vertical form fill seal machine to package enough product to sell in retail markets.

We had been bulk bagging them and placing the bulk bags into boxes. Customers would weigh out a portion that would be weighed again at the registers like produce. They wanted the convenience of individual bags of different sizes from snack size to family size servings as well as larger sizes for parties. The savory flavor is what makes them popular. Savory is another taste sense. There is the sensation of sweet, bitter, sour, salty and savory. If you have ever eaten cooked meat, you are familiar with the savory flavor. Imagine cooking a hamburger. The small flecks on the meat that are done to the point they caramelized a bit really have that savory taste.

Getting the sensation of savory into roasted peanuts was no easy task. However, the fats and protein in the peanuts make it possible. Peanut butter does have a fulfilling savory taste in its own right to the point that it used to be referred to as the “poor man’s steak.” This was due to its fat and protein content and pleasant filling taste on the tongue and low cost. Well it used to be cheaper. Packaging our peanuts is critical, because the flavor has a lot to do with freshness. It can diminish over time. We go from roasting straight into the metalized roll film bags made on our vertical form fill seal machine. The bags are still warm as they go into the boxes.

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November 12, 2015 at 5:31 am
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