Freshness is Critical to Our Product’s Taste So Our Packaging Method Helps Us

We found a way to roast the peanuts we have been growing as a tertiary crop on our land making them absolutely delicious. Instead of just a salty flavor, our peanuts have a truly savory flavor. Right now we are just offering them in the shell. We cannot keep up with demand from our regional retail outlets and distributors. We had to get a vertical form fill seal machine to package enough product to sell in retail markets.

We had been bulk bagging them and placing the bulk bags into boxes. Customers would weigh out a portion that would be weighed again at the registers like produce. (more…)

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The Springs Needed Replaced on Our Garage Door

I am so glad that I am married to someone who knows how to fix most things around the house. If we have a leaky faucet or a clogged up toilet, my husband can fix them. If the brakes need replaced on the car, he is the guy for the job. He takes care of the furnace and AC issues as well as everything with the yard. However, when the garage door stopped working last week, he was a bit clueless on what to do to fix it. That is why he went to

That is the company that our neighbor recommended to us as it is the one that he used when he had garage door issues of his own. (more…)

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