Learning Higher Levels of Math

Last year I did very well in Differential Calculus, but not quite as well in Integral Calculus. It is very important to me that I am able to do better as a senior this year, because I have decided that I am going to try to be the school’s valedictorian this year. It is not really something which I expect to accomplish, because the competition is very strong at our school. I would not want to stereotype Asian girls, but we have about a dozen of them who study all the time. I want a english tutor san francisco, who can help me learn the highest levels of calculus. That is where my weakness lies and where I shall win or lose this test I have accepted for myself. I feel very strong in all other areas and if I can address my weaknesses it seems as though I will accomplish a broader goal, getting a full academic scholarship to either Stanford or UC Berkeley.

I have not decided what I shall do when I go to college, but perhaps I will study to be a historian. My Great Grandfather parachuted into Normandy on D-day with the First Canadian Parachute Battalion and I was always fascinated by his war journal and the unpublished memoir he wrote about his experiences in the Second World War and after returning to Canada. So that is something that would interest me, but it is really something that might come a bit too easily for me, so I am thinking about trying to become a chemist if I go to Berkeley. They have an incredible programme in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and I really think I am pretty good at it. Of course you need an awful lot of high level math to get a major in those subjects.

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Finding Wholesale Deals on School Uniforms

My church has decided that we are going to help some of the poorer students in the neighborhood with school uniforms. All of the city schools have started using uniforms for a variety of reasons and there are different types that we shall need. However we would like to help out as many poor families as we possibly can. Right now we think that we could afford something like two hundred and fifty sets of uniforms, but we are trying to get together some more money from other sources. We are hoping to find a seller who will give us a large discount, because we are estimating the need at about 300 to 400 children who could really use our help.

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