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Canada’s Wholehearted Support of the War

Very few things have had as large of an impact on the modern political scene as as the first two world wars. The ramifications of their decisions made during these wars, and the nations that were created and destroyed during these wars are still felt very strongly today. Techniques that were used in connection with training soldiers, and building military supplies have even found their way into civilian life. For example, some of these principal strongly influence salesforce training today.

When people think about the first world war, they think about some of the countries that are always talked about as the major players. The focus is always given to countries like the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Russia. And while it is true that these countries played a major part in these battles, it is also true that they are not the only ones who did things that were influential. For this reason it was called a world war. In fact World War I the vast majority of the countries on the planet either fought in the war, or gave tacit support to countries that were fighting the war.

One country that often gets overlooked when it comes to the contribution that they played World War I Canada. Canada had a fighting force of 620,000 individuals. Of those 620,000 individuals 39% of them lost their lives, or were injured, in World War I. When you look at the statistics it is pretty obvious that Canada sacrificed a lot in the war. 67,000 individuals were killed, and 137,000 individuals were wounded. It is interesting that when Great Britain declared war against Germany, Canada was not consulted. But since they were patriotic they did their part to support the motherland. They felt that it was their duty to let Great Britain know that they supported her.

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July 26, 2013 at 4:34 pm
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